Woman With Two Vaginas And Wombs Now Pregnant With ‘Miracle Baby’

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Woman With Two Vaginas And Wombs Now Pregnant With Miracle Baby

A woman who was diagnosed with uterine didelphys – which means she has two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes – and told by doctors she was infertile is now expecting a miracle baby.

Doctors had told Krista Schwab, 32, that she would never get pregnant because of complications caused by her rare condition called uterus didelphys.

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The 32-year-old, who was diagnosed with uterus didelphys at the age of 12, is reported to have endured two miscarriages since trying to have a baby with her husband Courtney, 33.

But as the couple considered IVF, she then discovered to her amazement that she was pregnant, The Sun reports.

Krista from Washington, US, said: “After being diagnosed with uterine didelphys at 12 years old, I knew I had two uteruses and two cervixes.

“But when I was 30 I found out that I also have two vaginas that are side by side.”

“I always felt the separate sections during intercourse and smear tests but I just thought that feeling was a normal thing every woman had.”

“For so many years my husband and I cried, prayed and dreamed of having a child. We both had so many breakdowns because we wanted one so much.”

“After probably 1,000 negative pregnancy tests – it got to the point where I gave up wishing anymore.”

“Last December I put on weight so I bought my billionth pregnancy test which my husband and I thought was just now a waste of money.”

“I normally pray and hope whilst I wait, but this time I lost all hope and didn’t bother.”

“Then I saw it – it was positive. I hit the floor crying.”

It was when she was just 13 years old, that doctors warned Krista she may never have kids of her own.

She said sex can be “extremely sensitive and can hurt”, knocking her self-confidence and affecting her sex life.

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The horse trainer added: “It was a massive shock, especially for my husband!

“Doctors and I couldn’t see it because it was too far inside.

“Sex is extremely sensitive and can hurt – it affects my sex life and my self-confidence.

“However my husband and I joke around about it all the time.

“There’s so many prude comments I get about my vaginas, but what is the upsetting is the link to my infertility.

“The year I was diagnosed, every single doctor told me that it would be impossible for me to have kids.

“All the way up to 30 I was told I couldn’t have them.

“The only ovary that was functioning was on that right side with that very shallow opening there was no connection for the left to get an egg through it.

“I actually got pregnant when I was 15 and 20, but I had miscarriages for both.

“When I met my husband at 20 years old, I told him I couldn’t have kids.

“So the whole time I’ve been together with my husband we didn’t use protection.”

Krista is now five months pregnant and expecting a baby boy which is growing in her left womb.

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  1. Definitely is a blessing! Wow! Congratulations to them! That baby is indeed a miracle! We’re trying to get pregnant. So far, still a negative result on my free cocneiveeasy pt.

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