Wijnaldum Criticises Everton For Challenges Against Liverpool

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Georginio Wijnaldum has hit out at Everton for some of their challenges on his teammates in the Merseyside derby.

Ross Barkley and Ashley Williams escaped red cards and were only shown yellow cards for their tackles on Liverpool players.

Wijnaldum believes there should have been at least one red card for their rivals, stating his teammate could have been injured from one of the challenges.

Wijnaldum told SSNHQ: “The tackles, especially those from the players from Everton made on our players, it was hard to see, hard to accept, because I think you can play the game really hard, but not with the intention to give someone an injury.

“For me, my opinion, that is a bad thing, because you have to play the game fair. Of course you can play hard, to win, but not to injure the player, because that’s not part of the game.

“I saw a few, even in the replay, I saw a few tackles that had to be red.”



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