Tips For Men In Wearing Jewellery

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The first thing that comes to mind when men jewellery is mentioned is the wristwatch, but there are a number of other accessories that can be used to accentuate male appearance. Male jewellery is no longer reserved to the old stereotypes of wristwatches, wedding rings and gold chain that get entangled with chest hairs, as more and more men are getting more comfortable with expressing their sense of style through jewellery.
New fashion items such as ear studs, bracelets, and necklaces are becoming increasingly popular but the real question is what are the tips that can make you pull off your masculinity in a subtle and interesting manner?

Keep Your Accessories Simple
The aesthetics of the jewellery you decide to wear goes a long way in determining how good you look. More and more designers are producing pieces that come with a more laid back aesthetic to help convince men to invest more in jewellery. This is because a lot of men see bogus designs as a turn off and would rather prefer subtle designs, especially for ear studs and leather bracelets.
It may be best for you to shed thick gold chains and more rings on your fingers (except you’re a music star). Keep your pieces simple and discreet, while remembering to have a tasteful style on the side.

Use A Manly Colour
Asides the fact that more and more men are opting for less bogus designs, modern jewellers are also beginning to use muted and manly colours such as black diamonds, titanium, woody textures, brass, and burnished or oxidised metal, to provide a worn-in look. Others also make use of classic metals like rose gold and silver. Making use of stones that come in neutral colours ensures that any gem encrusted in the jewellery appears less feminine and delicate, making it a good male choice.

The Classics Remain The Best
Certain fashion accessories such as wristwatches, cufflinks, and wedding bands should remain on your list, while you include modern choices that have minimal aesthetic value. Fashion vintage pieces that come as rugged military-style metal chains still adds value to your appearance, providing you with options for a classic and unmistakably masculine appearance.

Leather Is Good
Leather bracelets are trendy at the moment, irrespective of whether they come in a woven form or as a single strap. The thicker ones can be worn with casual wears and the thinner ones for more formal occasions. More so, braided leather bracelets blend well with suits and ties and they also help to enhance the overall cohesion of your outfit and appearance, especially if it blends with the leather used in the shoes and belt. If the leather bracelet complements the metallic dial of a wristwatch, it offers a good option, unlike metal bracelets that clash with timepieces.

Stay Far From The Cliches
Symbolic jewellery pieces that come as spiky studs, tags, Sharks teeth and any other weird piece should be avoided. Keeping things simple, restrained and classic never goes out of vogue, especially since donning jewellery in the first place makes a huge complementary statement for your appearance.



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