The Things That Reduce Your Chances Of Dating A Woman On A First Date

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For men, it can take a number of dates before we gather enough information about the person we are with and decide whether or not we want to go ahead with a relationship. It is however different for women as they usually keep a keen eye out to spot red flags that can throw them off on the very first date.

Furthermore, women would usually pile up the red flags that they’ve noticed until it becomes stacked so high that you can’t get back from it. Being successful with women has a lot to do with the things you fail to do than with the things you actually do. Nevertheless, here are some of the things you do that reduces your chan of successfully dating a woman in the first outing.

Being Arrogant
You may think acting arrogantly will score you points but in actual fact, your cockiness may be misconstrued as you trying to mask your insecurities. If you find yourself bragging to convince her that she got a good man, there’s a chance that she won’t want to be with you. Instead of telling her what she’d miss by not being with you, it’s best you convince yourself first that you’re the best. That is when she will see you as that as women tend to love men that are self-assured, who don’t seek seek validation from any other place, except themselves.

She doesn’t want to hear all the stories of how dependent you are on your mother. She wants to see a man that can take care of his own life and one that is still willing to share his life with her. She wants to see that you want her in your life, not that you need her to be in your life.

Acting Insecure
Insecurity is one thing a lot of women notice from the very first date. She would be on the lookout for words like “a guy like me” or “you’re too good for me” which speaks volumes about your insecurities. While words like these maybe flattering, it may actually have her wondering the reason why she’s with “a guy like you.”

Acting Jealous
Acting jealous on the very first date is a NO on a lot of levels. Any show of jealousy is seen as a sign of distrust that is mostly linked to you having insecurities. Being jealous may mean that you have certain things to hide or simply mean that you have some baggage that you’re carrying around from a past relationship or ex that cheated on you.

Lying to get a girl will always be wrong because you’d never prevail. Women tend to be very investigative in nature and can get the information they want from social media and other places. More so, women tend to tell their friends everything to get a second opinion, since they know it’s easy to believe everything when they become blinded by lust or love. They can as such, catch you lying through their friends or the Internet.

Having A Short Temper
Women are mortified by people that seem to have a short fuse. Any sign of being a hot head shows her you have anger issues, which is alarming and tells her that you don’t know how to maturely handle disagreements without allowing it degenerate to fisticuffs.

Ignoring her desires for a particular drink or food on the first date or putting your own convenience ahead of hers in something that is unappealing to women. It is important for you to see her as an important part of yourself and be aware of her needs as another human being, while doing all you can to respond to them in the best way possible.

Uninteresting Conversation
While you don’t have to read or prepare yourself as if you’re going to attend a job interview, it is still important you have a hang of current affairs and happenings around the world. And by this, we don’t mean just politics, but other common things in the world of entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Women tend to cherish real conversations that includes life lessons and family. Take the talk deep and you’d surely have a relationship with depth.



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