Smartphone That Cannot Capture Beautiful Selfies; Is That One A Smartphone?

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After my last smartphone got missing at a wedding party last month, I have been reading reviews and asking friends about the ideal smartphone for me. While the words “ideal smartphone” might be relative to each person, to me it means a device with swift user experience, beautiful user interface, nice design, innovative features and most importantly sophisticated cameras.

So after all the consultations and findings, I decided to purchase the recently released CAMON CX. As a fan of beautiful design and colors, I decided to get the champagne gold variant of the CAMON CX. My excitement about the CX started right from the moment I purchased the phone. The packaging was so cool that I had to convert it immediately into my jewelry box…Reduce; Reuse and Recycle. Hehehe.

Clean and mature, the CAMON CX design is quite impressive. It is easy to handle and sits nicely in my pants or purse whenever I am moving without a handbag. Beyond the outward characteristics of the CAMON CX, one innovation that stuns me the most about the CX are its cameras. OMG! You need to see pictures captured using the CAMON CX – they are bright, clear, shiny and of course beautiful!

Who doesn’t like Selfies? The CAMON CX is a perfect Selfie machine. Whether at night or during the day, the CAMON CX 16MP dual camera does not disappoint. The front camera has two bright flashlights that lit up dark environments and guards against red eye effects in pictures taken under lowlight. The CX takes better Selfies than other smartphones currently available in the market.

As you must have already noticed, I love taking pictures and the CX helps me maintain certain standards for my pictures so I can have a good charm online. With 8 real-time filters, I can change the mood for each picture captured using the CAMON CX – meaning my pictures are never blurry, illegible or unattractive. Who wor-wor don epp? Lol.

The CX comes with a fingerprint scanner that serves as my additional layer of security and also doubles as the camera shutter. I must admit how pleased I am with this feature because when taking pictures with my CX, I don’t have to struggle to touch the onscreen shutter, as merely placing a finger on the fingerprint scanner will take me some beautiful selfies in a blink of an eye.

Something interesting I also realized is how double clicking on the volume button when the CX is asleep launches the camera and snaps in seconds. I almost no longer miss out on capturing those quick fleeting moments thanks to this feature on my Camon CX.

It’s been a long time since I last expressed my satisfaction about a product online like this so I guess TECNO Mobile and the CAMON CX has earned it.

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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  1. The Phone is really well packaged, it comes in a classy case for starters. The phone is just too cool abeg, the camera alone is mind blowing.

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