Sane: Guardiola Asks Me To Imitate Messi And Neymar

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Manchester City attacker, Leroy Sane says he is being encouraged by Pep Guardiola to play like Messi and Neymar.

The Germany international has developed into a key player for Manchester City, scoring nine goals so far.

Sane is grateful to the help and encouragement from Pep Guardiola who tells him to mirror the Argentine.

“He is able to help me with things because he knows how Messi plays, how he trains because he saw him every day,” Sane said, via The Telegraph.

“And that’s why he tries to help me – to give me the confidence to say, ‘Yes, try this – try maybe to do it like this, like Messi does or Neymar does’.”

“I was young and maybe when I played against bigger clubs at the beginning here I was thinking, ‘OK, they are better than me,'” Sane said.

“Maybe I was a bit scared also, because I was with a new team in a new country and you don’t know anything about the league.

“But then at the end Pep told me, ‘Play how you played at Schalke because you were free there.’

“The other players are all normal human beings so just play your best and play free.”

City face Arsenal in an FA Cup semi-final on Sunday, with the winners to play Chelsea in the decider.



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