RelationshipTips: Why You May Want To Consider Talking About Your Ex On The First Date

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Forget all the things you’ve read about the dangers of talking about your ex on a first date and read this because you’d be surprised that it’s a good thing to actually do so.

Normal reasoning tells you that it’s a bad thing but that may not be the case as talking about your ex, early on can help you to be upfront about the things you don’t want, such as the reasons why your last relationship ran its course and if you’re destined for a similar (unhappy) ending. More so, you can easily know if the new person you’re with is a liar and cheater by talking about the bad attributes that made you leave your ex.

More so, the way a person talks about their ex gives an inkling into the type of person they are and it’s better you know early on if someone is the jealous type, the confident or rude type, the type you can respectfully disagree with, and if they have a sense of humor or don’t understand your sarcasm.

Even though first dates should be fun, there’s are a number of ways you can discuss topics that should naturally be off limits and make them pretty interesting. The best dates sometimes involve discussions based on controversial topics made in a healthy manner. Being flirty, direct and talking about your ex can help to increase the level of understanding and attraction level incredibly as time goes on. Here are three reasons why talking about your ex on a first date is not such a bad idea.

It Will Be Fun To Do So
In truth, dating sometimes sucks as there are times you fell a connection; and times you don’t but whatever it is, it’s always best to make the best of the opportunity when it presents itself. If you find that you truly connect with someone, then you should go ahead and explore to the fullest! You don’t have to scare them away with every little detail of your past relationships, but you can show a little vulnerability that helps you push the silly notion to act cool on the first date. Moreover, it can bring you and your date closer with some added benefits along the way.

It Will Help You Make Better Use Of Your Time
Nothing is as bad as gong on a first date and having very little to talk about or having a feeling that you’re being interrogated with a barrage questions. Going through a typical question and answer session is usually monotonous and boring, even though the best way to start is from there. It’s always ideal to ask something bold and out of the ordinary and one of those is asking about the ex. Bringing up a talk about the ex sooner than later can help to create intrigue and also help to potentially deepen your connection with your date. Either way, it tells you something you really should know about your potential partner.

It Helps You Learn A Lot About Your Partner
Sometimes, not wanting to talk about your past relationships may be an indication that you have something to hide or that there are unresolved issues like jealousy, insecurity or resentment. While all of these issues don’t have to be discussed in one day, it’s always nice to offer an inkling into it. Talking about an ex romantic past with a potential partner is crucial to understanding your date better and them knowing you better. It also helps to develop a healthy sex life and ultimately growing with that person as if you’re not on the same page, the chances it will work is next to zero.



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