These Are The Reasons You Look Terrible In Suits

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There are few things that looks better than appearing in a well-fitted suit and for good reasons too. Well-fitted suits tend to bring out your structure in such a way that you get the right kind of admiration from the right people. On the other hand, there’s also nothing as worse than putting on a poorly fitted suit.

A lot of men, especially those who their profession makes them wear suits regularly do not know the reasons why they seem to get it wrong and look terrible in suits, despite putting in their best efforts to ensure they look good. If you want to look more like James Bond and the classic man, Jidenna, here are six things you should consider correcting about the way you wear your suits.

You Have A Gap Between Your Collar
The shirt you wear beneath your suit should fit your body well and the collar should fit snugly against your neck, while the jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar with no big gaps between them. If there’s any gap around your collar, you will look like you’re wearing a suit that’s a size or two bigger than you.

You Wear Your Suit Pants Same Way You Wear Jeans
Your suit pants are very much different from jeans and should not be worn in a saggy manner. Never wear them low on your waist. Allow them to sit at the hipbone area or slightly above it. Your pants should fit perfectly without the need of a belt. If you want more free pants, ensure that the butt is neither too saggy nor too tight.

Your Suit Sleeves Are Too Long
The sleeves of your suit jacket should end just at the top of your wrist. The dress shirt you wear beneath your suit jacket should be not more than an inch longer and end at the base of your hand. By wearing your shirt and jacket this way, you ensure that the right amount of shirt cuff is exposed—a quarter to a half inch.

The Shoulders Are Too Wide
One good way to look terrible in suits is to have the shoulders of your suit slouch down your shoulders. The shoulder pads on your suit should hug and end with your shoulders. If your suit shoulders are too big, there’s a chance you will look like a man pulled out of a movie shot in the 1970s.

The Chest Of Your Jacket Is Either Too Big Or Too Small
The chest area of your jacket should not be too big or too small and neither should there be a strain or pull when your suit jacket is buttoned up. Furthermore, there should not be too much space when you button things up. A good way to know that the chest of your jacket is the right fit is to slip your flat hand under your suit lapel. If it enters comfortably, you have the right fit.

Your Hem Is A Tad Too Long
The hem at the bottom part of your trousers should end right Round your shoelaces for a slight break. By wearing pants with a longer hem will create a fuller break and allow your trousers to pool at the bottom part of your trousers. This will make you look shorter than you actually are and also facilitate a quick destruction of your suit pants.



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