The New Champagne From Jay Z’s Ace Of Spades Will Cost $850

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Ace of Spades

The latest release from Jay Z’s champagne company, Armand de Brignac commonly known as Ace of Spades is gonna hit the markets on April 18, and its pretty pricy.

According to Bloomberg, the new drink which is called the Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two, or the A2 will go for about $850 per bottle. That’s upwards of N250,000 a bottle.

However, it’s still not the priciest bottle of bubbly in the world as the Goût de Diamants, which features a single white diamond in the center of its logo, debuted in 2013 at $1.8 million per bottle.

While the new A2 will appear in a similar metallic silver bottle to its predecessor, the A1, the flavor is described as mintier, with “lively grape, honeysuckle and notes of peppermint,” as well as “subtle hints of peach and apricot,” according to Armand de Brignac.

Ace of Spades

The new bottle is likely to be exclusive with just 2,333 bottles of A2 expected to be sold, each bottle will be inscribed with a unique number in addition to its disgorgement date.

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