Mourinho: United Still A Force At Old Trafford

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Jose Mourinho insists Manchester United are still a force to reckon with at Old Trafford and says their unbeaten run at home give him confidence for next season.

United have had numerous draws at home. They’re unbeaten in 20 premier league matches and only won 10 of those, drawing the other 10, including nine at home.

Mourinho admits Manchester United could have amassed more points, but he’s quite pleased to have a team that is hard to beat.

“I still think we are strong at home, that’s my feeling and looking to the next season I think it is a good feeling to know we don’t lose many matches, it is good to know we have a fantastic run of 20 unbeaten matches in the Premier League,” he said.

“I know, as an example, 10 matches, 10 draws are 10 points. Ten matches, five victories and five defeats are 15 points. What is better? The 15 points, obviously. But in terms looking to the future I prefer to look at 10 matches, 10 draws.

“You have something that is not easy to have; you are quite solid mentally, difficult to be beaten, fight against difficult circumstances, a kind of mentality of resilience is good to have it. But the points are reality and, I repeat, would be better for us in 10 matches to have five victories and five defeats.”

He added: “I still think in spite of the bad results, because for us a draw is a bad result, I still think we are strong at home. Why? Because we have lost only one game [against Manchester City] and that game we know why we lost.

“We lost because strange things happened during the match, so one defeat at home in all the competitions and what makes me think we are strong is the way opponents play against us because that is a big change.”



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