How To Make Your Drawers Look Better Organised

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It is sometimes a herculean task keeping our wardrobes and drawers arranged especially if you have a tough job that takes most of your time. It however shouldn’t be so, if you know the right things to do and follow certain rules that can help to keep them arranged most of the time. The most difficult drawer to keep arranged is usually the one that you store a lot of random items, including cords, loose change, rubber bands, staples and pretty much forgotten knick-knacks of various varieties.

You should not however harbour any fear as there are a number of ways you can give your drawers a complete and total make over that will give anyone taking a peek a nice and pleasant look. Brace up and read along as we take you through a step by step guide that can help you separate the various items you store in such a professionally organised manner that would keep them arranged almost every time.

Take Out Everything
The very first step to having an arranged drawer is to take out everything in the drawer and begin the arrangements from scratch. After taking out everything, ensure you dust and clean out the interior of the drawers. To keep things tidy and neat, you can consider adding liners to add a tint of colour and pattern to give an incredibly beautiful view. More so, scented liners or air freshners can also help to give an appealing scent anytime you open your drawers.

Sort The Contents Out
Even though your drawer contains a variety of multiple objects and the likes, it is essential you sort them out if you’re to have an arranged drawer. Sort out like with like. Separate multiples of pens, rubber bands, papers, etc. Divide items that are more useful from anything that you can discard. While sorting out items, you can employ a rubber band to tie like items together and toss away any old or bad items.

Decide Which Items Stay
When sorting out the contents of your drawer, be sure to separate useful items that should stay in the drawer and the ones that can be stored elsewhere. A tip that can help you with this is putting items that you use frequently in your drawers and storing the ones you use infrequently in another part of your closet.

Measure And Organise Your Drawers
Measuring your drawer will give you a good idea of how much items can go in there. It will also help you organise your drawers into bins that can fit specific items. Measuring the depth of your drawer will also help when you have to stack certain materials in your drawer. More so, if there’s a bit of depth available, you can stack bins near the back to maximize space available for you.

Add And Fill Up Bins
Your aim when adding bins and filling them up is to have balance. Having drawers that are cluttered tends to create some bit of tension in your mind and exactly the same happens when you have boxes that are empty. It’s best to have a curated set of important items that you can reach out for easily whenever you want to.



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