Leonardo Bonucci Admits He Almost Quit Football When His Son Became Seriously Ill

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Leonardo Bonucci has admitted to almost quitting football completely after seeing his ill son in hospital.

Leonardo Bonucci said that for three or four months his head ‘wasn’t in the right place’ due to his son, Matteo’s, illness.

“For three or four months, my head was just not in the right place.” he told Spanish newspaper El Pais, as quoted by ​Football Italia.

“It’s the head that gets the legs moving. For around 15 days after the surgery, until I started to see him improving, I was just not interested in training or anything to do with football.

“I’ve always hated hospitals and tried to avoid them, but at that time I had to be there and I was really struggling to be calm. Matteo is much better now and our family feels more united than ever.

“This morning, he slept in our bed and he woke up with a smile. You realise those are the greatest victories.”

The commanding Italian defender went on to reveal that he thought about quitting football altogether, claiming that priorities change in times of desperate need.

He added: “Yes, I thought about quitting. Football was just not my priority at that moment. You see your son with so much to live for, he’s asking you so many questions and why this is happening to him… and I had no answers.

“Priorities change at those times. Now I tell myself that I am lucky. Everything I have done has been from the heart.”




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