Joshua: I Banned My Mom From Wembley

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Anthony Joshua has banned his mom from coming to Wembley to watch his fight against Klitschko.

The British boxer has also told her to stay away from the TV, she will be informed of the winner via phone call.

However, his father Robert will be in attendance at Wembley, which will be filled with 90, 000 fans.

Joshua said: “My old man will be there but I don’t really let my mum come to my fights.

“I’ve banned her. It’s not a place where you want to see your kid, I don’t think, at a fight. My dad can watch it, but not my mum.

“I would rather she not be there. One of my cousins will call her after the fight. She enjoys it all, though, and she gets a few freebies.”

Joshua’s IBF belt will be on the line, but he will not be following Tyson Fury’s game plan.

He added: “I haven’t watched the Fury fight much. Fury is completely different to me.

“I can’t box the way Fury boxed and expect it to be as simple as that for me. I just look at little parts of it, not the whole thing.

“Klitschko just didn’t show up in that fight. A lot of great fighters have made mistakes and come back, so I’m expecting the best Klitschko.

“I’m just worried about what I can do. Everyone is different when you fight them. I’m going to worry about myself and how I’m feeling.”



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