Haircut Terms That Can Make Your Barber Give You The Best Styles

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The relationship between a man and his barber transcends haircuts and looking stylish. It is borne out of trust and mutual respect.

That being said, it is essential that asides the trust and respect you have for your barber, you are also aware of certain terms. Whether you’ve been using the same barber for years or you’re changing hands, it is important you learn a number of terms that can help you ensure that your barber gives you the most stylish haircut yet.

You may not know it, but the texture goes a long way in determining your appearance and style. Most times, a good barber would give you four main textures to choose from: thinned out and razored, which is best suited for thick hair and layered and choppy, which helps to add volume to thin hair. Thinning out on the other hand refers to using a special type of scissor and techniques called ‘shattering’ or ‘slicing’ to remove some volume of unruly mane, while razored means using a straight razor to flatten out long, voluminous hair with a natural-looking finish. I you however have thinning out hair, it’s always best to layer out your hair at different lengths to help create the appearance of depth and volume. A choppy hair texture otherwise called ‘point cutting’, on the other hand refers to cutting strands at different lengths to add volume.

The Scissor Techniques
The scissor techniques include; A point cut, which is when the barber creates a spiky ‘saw tooth’ effect by cutting strands at a 45-degree angle while also leaving some strands longer than others for a rough, textured look. A blunt cut is another scissor technique that requires the barber to hold the scissors horizontally to your head, so that your hair are all cut at the same length. Clippers are also employed for these techniques and a number of guards of various lengths are utilised with some exposing the scalp and others leaving plenty of hair length at the top.

The Neckline
Your neckline may not be visible to you, but it is to everyone. As such, it is important you choose the best style of neckline available from three options. A blocked neckline is cut in a sharp straight line across the nape of the neck, a tapered neckline shortens the hair once it reaches the natural neckline, which grows out nice and evenly when the hair grows back in and thirdly, a rounded neckline which is similar to the blocked but differs in that the corners are rounded off. All require maintenance to prevent them from growing out untidily.

Tapering (Friction)
Tapering (friction in local parlance) is a phrase you will commonly hear at barber shops mostly because most men’s haircuts involve some sort of taper. What it means is a gradual shortening of hair from the top of your head to the neckline. The Tapering concept is similar to that of the ‘fade’, with the only key difference being the finishing length of a fade tends to be much shorter and performed with clippers, with a sharper finish than a taper cut with scissors. When next you’re at your barbers, remember to use these terms correctly and guide him as he delivers the most stylish haircut yet.



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