Guardiola Misses Pressure Of Managing In Spain And Germany

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Pep Guardiola says he misses tell pressure the fans puts on a team, like he had in Germany and Spain.

The Spanish manager is happy with his first season in England and is glad of the support he gets from his owners.

However, Guardiola would love the supporters to demand more from the squad, as there was no complain when they crashed out of the UCL and lost three EPL matches.

“Here I miss a little bit the pressure,” he said. “Especially in Spain and in Germany, the pressure is higher to the players, to the managers, to everybody. Here it is calm. For example the fans are always perfect, I love that, and you know the club is amazing, the club supports everybody.

“[But] sometimes when you realise you cannot lose you feel the pressure, because you will be so criticised. To help the players step forward you have to create something to make them believe they [must not] lose, and we need time to create something to put in the heads and the hearts of the players that if you want to become a stronger club and stronger team that we cannot drop points at home, because our quality is higher, we cannot drop points.

“The difference is the mentality, not the quality, because the quality is always there.”

He added: “I enjoyed it a lot in Barcelona, I enjoyed in Munich and I am enjoying it here. The media, of course, when we lose in our job the managers sit here and we are killed, so in those terms it’s everywhere, but in general, for example, we were out of the Champions League in Monaco, we played three tough games against Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, and we didn’t win one game, and our game against Hull City our supporters [claps] helped us and supported us. And that in Italy, in Spain, doesn’t happen, that’s why I’m so, so glad for the fans we have, because for the first time in my life I have experienced that.”

City play Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley next Sunday and Guardiola went out of his way to urge the club’s fans to give them an edge.

“Hopefully our supporters can travel to London as much as possible and support us,” he said. “Away this season our supporters are fantastic, all season.”



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