The Five Things Every Woman Expects You To Know How To Do

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Every woman and the world generally assume that there are certain skills that men are born with and they do so for good reasons too. For one, evolution and genetic disposition have had a huge role to play in the reason for such expectations. For one, having these skills can incredibly make you more attractive to the female gender.
If you’re looking to score some points and have a woman you have your eyes on desiring you and the skills you have, here are a number of talents you should have.

Arrange A Wardrobe
For some reason, being an organised person will score you more points than you can ever think of with women. Society generally expects women to be good homemakers and women mostly embrace this. If you’re however able to have this attribute, women will swoon over you as they know how much your skills can come in handy when they are tired or just need a hand to make things quicker.

Knot A Tie Properly
Chances are you will be required to attend an event or the other where the dress code requires you to knot a tie and no woman wants to have to start running around to ensure that you look the part at such events. More so, women know there’s a likelihood you will run into old acquaintances friends, family or even an ex at certain events and they want you to look the best you can. Knowing how to knot a tie and being able to do it right in front of her would definitely impress her, exit if you do it firmly and correctly.

Know How To Cook Basic Meals
There are very few things that women find endearing in a man than the ability to cook. While you don’t have to be a chef, knowing how to cook basic meals will score you a lot of points with her. She definitely would appreciate this more if you’re both going for the long haul as you can create those romantic dates where you serve her breakfast in bed!

Deal With Any Funny Sounds At Night
Women expect you to be manly enough to check the source of any strange sounds that they hear in the middle of the night. Even though you may not have heard it and she may have imagined it or the sound was obviously from a dog or cat, you’re expected to investigate the source. A major reason some women have boyfriends is so they don’t have to lay awake worrying that the weird sound was a murderer breaking in.

Kill Any And All Threatening Insects
Women are strong and independent creatures but it is somewhat unexplainable while a lot of them are scared by crawling and creeping insects. Perhaps it’s due to their gross nature or it has something to do with the gene makeup of women, whatever it is, they find bugs scary. As such, it is up to you to take care of any insects that crosses their path. If she sees any insects, you’re expected to immediately find it and dispose of it and under no circumstances are you to scare them with the dead carcass.



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