FitFam: Unforgivable Mistakes You Must Avoid To Get Perfect Abs

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If you randomly go through your social media pages, there’s a huge chance that you will find loads of pictures of men trying to pose in the mirror and showcase their abs.

While a lot of these men are very fit and have taken the pain to get a well sculpted body, the pictures generally leave people training themselves basically for aesthetic reasons rather than working towards becoming fitter and stronger.

You can dodge a lot of the mistakes people make when they look for a particular aesthetic fit by following our tips below.

Not Treating Your Body Right
By this, we mean you should eat well and also have plenty of sleep. Food and sleep are the fuel your body needs to run with and as such, you should ensure you have a proper balance of protein, carbs, fats and antioxidants, while also staying hydrated always. You shouldn’t expect your body to perform if you’re not filling it with the right kind of food and fluids.
Not getting enough sleep is also a problem as there’s very little chance you would be recovering between abs training sessions. The better you recover, the better you will train the next time and the better your results will be on the long term.

Avoid Training On Strictly Isolated Movements
Isolated movements and exercises are the best for increasing size but they may not be as effective if you’re gunning for significant changes in your body. You should instead go for functional compound movements, which are much more effective as they tend to engage a larger amount of muscles and therefore increase overall functional strength. Functional compound movements also tend to cause the greatest release of anabolic hormones, including testosterone and growth hormones in the body. This is because the more taxing the exercise movements are on your body, the greater the energy available to you and the overall results later on.

Have An Objective While You Train
If you’re training with a performance-related objective in mind, there’s a chance you will have a more toned body as a by-product of your hard work. Before starting your abs training, set an achievable goal in mind. The absence of a goal will make it very hard to know if your body is on its way to what you want it to be.

Mix Up Your Training
Mixing up your training helps keep your body prepared and is a great way of improving your overall state of General Physical Preparedness. This inadvertently prepares your body to perform at a high level across a range of activities which will help you increase your overall general fitness goals.

Avoid Doing Only Things You’re Good At
It’s always easy to want to stick to exercise routines you’re good at which can also help sharpen your body in a particular way. It however doesn’t mean that doing so is best for you. It’s always good to work on your weaknesses as a way of forcing your body out of its comfort zone and making it work harder. The harder you work, the better the results.




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