The Fantasies Women Don’t Want You To Know Makes Them Happy

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There are times that you will probably feel that you’re lacking spark in the bedroom and that you’re unable to deliver the kind of action your woman craves for in the bedroom. When such thoughts come, you should know that it’s time to change certain things to get you and your partner back in the groove. Instead of whining and pining about how much your woman has changed, feeling like you’re doomed not to deliver the kind of orgasms that will make her legs quiver, look up as things are about to change.

There are a number of fantasies that women have regarding sex that helps them orgasm, every time they have it fulfilled but the problem is they are not vocal about them. A lot of people don’t enjoy talking about their fantasies because they find it incredibly uncomfortable to do so. People tend to personalise their sexuality and there’s very little chance that your girl will be willing to open up about them to you. That is why there’s a need for you to learn the things she wants and knows will help her orgasm from another source.

This article is to help you learn the top fantasies your woman has and the exact things she wants you to do to her in the bedroom. The added bonus to it is that you will the things she has been craving for and how you can easily get her to scream your name while she has the most intense orgasms she will ever experience.

Be Romantic
Perhaps the first attribute women require to achieve orgasm is being romantic as every woman wants to experience those moments they read about in Mills And Booms and other romantic novels. Romance is one of the important fantasies of a woman and is an important way of pleasing her through her heart.
Before you have sex with her, set the tone by doing something extraordinary and special for her that you took out time to plan. Be sure to plan it all by yourself and show her how much you desire and love her.

Ravage Her
Your girl wants you to ravage her as that is the most dominant sexual fantasy she has in her mind. Thinking about it alone is intense for her and she wants to feel sexy and desirable so much that you’re willing to tear her clothes off and ravage her body.

Eat Her Up
Women fantasise about being eaten up a lot of the time and your woman probably wants you to go down on her for a very long time. She may ask you to stop so that you can make love but the moment she does is not one to stop. Keep on stimulating her with your tongue and lips up until the moment she climaxes before proceeding to have penetrative sex. Deep down in her mind, she doesn’t want you to stop and she will love you for sticking to your guts.

Be In Charge
Another fantasy that women love is to have a man that takes control and is in charge either on the home front or in the bedroom. Women usually experience intense emotions when the man they are with, takes full control in the bedroom and one that isn’t afraid to go and get what he wants. This will make the lovemaking intense and make her experience an orgasm that can only be described by the best of romantic novels.

Be Naughty In Public
Women have fantasies of doing something naughty with their man in public. A lot of women want to experience a moment when things are heated up so much that both you and them can’t help but try to have each other at that particular moment. The fourth sex fantasy is for you two to do something naughty in public. More so, everything is heightened and so much sexier that the both of you can’t help but have the dear of getting caught at the back of your mind. Women want that rough satisfaction that can give them immeasurable pleasure and intense orgasms that will be etched deep in their memory.



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