The Exercise Moves That Helps To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual cramps are better experienced than talked about and a lot of women have varying experiences as regards the pain that accompanies them. The good thing however is that with the advancement of science and learning, we are beginning to find more interesting ways, devoid of drugs to manage pain.

New research shows that yoga offers drug-free pain relief from menstrual cramps by following certain exercise positions. Want to know what these exercise positions are, come along as we explain the poses and how it has an effect on your aching lower back and belly muscles.

The Reclining Goddess Position

The reclining goddess position for menstrual cramps
This position is especially suitable in relieving painful cramps because it works on the lower back and abdominal muscles. You can sit on the hard floor or place blankets on the floor to provide padding. Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together. Lay back and let your knees fall out to the sides and hold the position for a minute before taking a break. If you feel a strain or pulling sign in the groin or hips, you can place yoga blocks or pillows under your knees to offer more comfort.

The Wide-Kneed Child’s Pose

The Wide-Kneed Child’s Pose also works on the pelvic and abdominal muscles by helping to reduce the strain of cramps around that area. To get in this position, bring your knees slightly wider than hip distance and release forward. Proceed to press your hips toward the floor and use the upper part of your body to reach towards the front of the mat. Stay in this position for at least one minute before catching a break.

The Cat/Cow Pose

Cow, cat yoga pose for menstrual cramps
Just as the name says, the cat/cow position really you to get on all fours like these animals. While on all fours, Inhale and tuck your tailbone under, while ensuring that you make round and arch your upper back, while dropping your head below. Proceed to exhale as you lift your head and tailbone in such a way that your belly lowers towards the floor. This position will help to reduce severe cramps, especially when you rock these poses five to ten times before catching a break.



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