The Things You Should Never Say When Your Ex Meets Your New Girlfriend

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A scenario of your ex meeting your new girlfriend is one that no guy looks forward to or would wish upon his most arch of enemies. While the awkwardness is something to deal with, there are bigger things such as the kind of topics you bring up, which can make the meeting a disaster. If you can avoid a meeting, do all you can to do so, but when some of life’s exigencies come up, then you have to tread carefully.

The Family Love
Avoid talking about how much your family loved your ex. Doing so can make your new girlfriend have a complex problem or something. If she knows how deep a connection your ex has with your family, she will be left wondering how to win over your family to her side. She doesn’t need to know how much your siblings and parents loved your ex, neither does she have to hear it in a discussion between you and her.

Personal Things About Your New Girlfriend
For one, you don’t want your new girlfriend to know you have been talking about her, neither do you want the old to know you’ve made some unsavoury remarks about her. First of all, women easily get upset if they know you’re still in contact with your ex and in truth, your ex shouldn’t really have a business in what you newly share with your new girlfriend, most especially the personal stuffs.
As such, never bring up anything personal about your new girlfriend. If you consider your ex a friend, it’s best you face the fact that your new girlfriend will never fully accept what you and the ex now have. Don’t fuel the jealousy with your remarks.

Talking About Your Past Sexual Adventures
Your new girlfriend most likely doesn’t want to have any idea of the kind of sexual escapades you had with your ex. You should NEVER think of bringing it up. All your past sexual exploits should remain between you and your ex and should only be discussed between you and your ex, if there’s a need to tell about it all! Save yourself and your new girlfriend the stress of heating the things you did and didn’t do.

Don’t Ever Say “You wish things were different”
Saying this is disastrous and you have to be completely stupid to say anything remotely close to this. Saying something like this totally negates how important you consider your ex relationship to be. Moreover, it sends a message that you’re not satisfied with your present girlfriend and it is always a bad thing to downplay your present relationship.

Don’t Talk Too Much About The Fun Times
You should avoid talking too much about the good times you can you ex had. If your ex gets to meet your new girlfriend, you should be all about the the fun times you’re having with your new girlfriend and not how good the past is. No excessive bragging about the great fun you and your ex have had. When your new lady meets your ex girlfriend, you should spend more time bragging about how great your new lady is, not how great your ex is. Bragging too much about how good the past was can be perceived as not having good times with your present girlfriend.

Never Openly Compare Your Ex And Your New
Whether or not you like it, you will always have things you love about your ex. There may be certain things you like about your ex much more than the ones you like about your new girlfriend. There are always going to be things you like about an ex. You should however never compare your ex with your new girlfriend. Never Openly Compare the good and bad of your ex and present girlfriend, especially when they’re standing next to each other. Doing so will be unpalatable to both ladies and you will most likely piss both of them off. It’s not such a bad thing if the ex is angry but making your new girl mad, may create problems that you don’t want.



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