Date Ideas You Should Avoid The First Time

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Going on a first date with someone you fancy can make you nervous and want to rush things against your better judgement. Perhaps due to the excitement, you want things to go as quickly as possible and that may just result in an untoward situation. If you’re planning on asking her on a second date, these are the date ideas you will do well to avoid for the first.

Your Place
This one shows that you virtually had no plan and put in little or no effort in preparing for the date. Furthermore, there is a likelihood that you will arouse her suspicion that you’re a guy that is desperate to dive into the ‘Netflix and chill’ mode right away. The fact is its intimidating for someone you hardly know to step right into your domain and be comfortable. Meeting her in public will make her feel more comfortable and if things go well between you two, your place will most likely come into the equation.

Dinner And A movie At Your Place
This idea would be perfect for the fifth date and if you decide to do this at the first, you may just be showing her that you didn’t put much thought into a date idea and you don’t look forward to chatting with her for two hours straight. You should realise that you’ve moved past your teenage years where all you want to do is clumsily wrap your arm over her unsuspecting shoulder while she giggles at funny movie scenes. For starters, a classy bar, a day at the beach or the park, or anything that can do well to spark conversation should be your go to choice. Trust us, you won’t regret these choices.

An Outing With Your Friends
It is always tempting to want to ask her out on a group activity but it is something you should do all you can to avoid. How do you expect her to walk into a room full of eyeballs judging her every move and the pressure of trying to seem perfect? The first date should be about striking a connection with your date and not about throwing them in the deep end, for your friends to scrutinise them. Leave the group outings for much later, when you’re trying to see how she fits into your social circles.

A nightclub
For obvious reasons, this shouldn’t make your choice for a first date. If you’re sure you wouldn’t take her to a construction site and try to make conversation few steps away from a drilling machine, then you shouldn’t take her to a club churning out music at ear deafening decibels. More so, you don’t want to put her through the trauma of having to pass through sweaty bodies to get to the bar to order drinks when she’s parched.

Open Mic Night
While you may think you’re excellent at stand-up comedy, playing a musical instrument or poetry, it’s not a good enough gamble to do this on a first date as she just may not share your optimism. Doing this on a first date is a recipe for cringing whether you perform or not. If you choose to take the stage, she may not like your performance and if you don’t, you run the risk of starting off your relationship on a foundation of cringing at strangers.



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