The Best Ways To Shave Your Eyebrows

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The eyebrows are perhaps the most neglected part of a man’s body and the reason for this can be attributed to the fact that a lot of men have full and we’ll arranged brows. Grooming your eyebrows are however important as it points to the fact that you’re the type of man that pays attention to details. If you’re the type of man that has busy eyebrows that grow in every direction, it’s best you pay attention to our tips which can ensure you keep them in check. Here are the options you have at manscaping your eyebrows.

If you have single rogue hairs growing out of line with the rest of the hair, the easy and relatively painless tweezers is your friend to treat your fuzzy edges or monobrow. Plucking the odd stray hairs is one of the best ways to cultivate a natural look, despite the fact that it is a time consuming process if you’re removing more than a few hairs.
More so, you can always keep your tweezers handy for other stray hairs around your nose, ears, cheeks (if you’re growing a beard), or any other unwanted stray hairs.

Uneven growth within the brow is a problem, especially when longer hair follicles are sticking out past the others. Most barber shops and salons will take care of this problem but you can always do it yourself with eyebrow-trimming scissors, made specifically for this job. However, a normal pair of grooming scissors through a comb will do the trick.

Wax Them Up
The problem with waxing is that you run the risk of allowing everyone know that you just went through a manscaping procedure. Waxing carries the risk of making your manscaping too obvious to every discerning person you meet and as such it’s best you go subtle with the procedure. Mens eyebrows are naturally thicker than those of women, which makes it easier for you to get away with waxing without looking too effeminate.
It is best to leave the waxing job to a professional and also get the advice of your partner about an ideal place to have your eyebrows waxed. Ensure that your masculinity is eschewed and be sure to make your instructions clear about how natural you want your brows to be.

Shaving The Right Way
While shaving your eyebrows, it is important that the brow lines do not look too sharp. As such,you should only tidy up the edges and reinforce a couple of centimetres between the bushy hair. The problem with shaving with a razor however is that you run the risk of making the distinct lines too sharp like you used a strip of tape above your nose and spray-painted hair on both sides.
With that been said, there are eyebrow touch-up razors which come in tiny shapes and sizes. They however require a lot of maintenance the minute the stubble begin to grow back.



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