#BBNaija Day 76: Housemates Present A Radio Drama On The Meningitis Scourge

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The #BBNaija Housemates were saddled with the Task of creating a sensitization campaign to tackle the scourge of meningitis and the risks involved with self-medication.

The Housemates had spent much of the day conceptualizing a radio play to sensitize people to the scourge of meningitis and the risks of self-medication.

They ensured that the campaign also took a look at the mortality rates of this epidemic.

The Meningitis ailment usually manifests with symptoms of malaria, that most times throws people off from seeking the appropriate medical attention and resorting to self-medication which usually proves fatal in most cases.

The #BBNaija Housemates put in their final rehearsals before they were welcomed by Big Brother into the Arena.

The Housemates had spent a part of their time working on their set, but the moment they set their eyes on the layout of the Arena, they knew they hadn’t to rely more on their voices and make their voices create good sound effects.

In their characteristic manner, the #BBNaija Housemates quickly adapted to their roles and gave it their best performances based on their personal interpretations of the roles they had assigned to one another.

They created added sound effects by drumming on the tables, using their feet and employing their mouths and this gave their presentation more life.

The task presentation sounded very good for radio as any viewer could find it insightful and meaningful by just listening to the Task Presentation.

As soon as the #BBNaija Housemates were done with their Presentation, they stood with baited breathe to hear what Biggie had to say, and immediately clapped for themselves as biggie told them “Housemates, that was brilliant”.

Big Brother thanked the Housemates for putting up a very informative radio drama, before telling them they could exit the Arena.

With no negative comments given by Biggie, that is an indication that the Housemates excelled with the presentation.

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