#BBNaija Day 75: Efe Takes Over As House Leader For The Last Time

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The outgoing #BBNaija Head of House TBoss had to elect a successor for the day and she handed over to Efe for the last time.

In ensuring the task of the week is adhered to, head of house, TBoss was summoned by Biggie into the Diary Room and she emerged with the first Task Brief for the day.

Big Brother lined up another Task for the #BBNaija Housemates for day 75, but the first order of business for the day required Igwe TBoss to nominate her successor in her last role as the Igwe.

After reading out the Task brief, TBoss joked with her fellow #BBNaija Housemates about re-electing herself as the head of house once more and this elicited laughter from everyone in the House.

She however soon put up a serious face and soon opted to elect Efe (captain Nipples) as her successor.

As soon as Efe was elected, he immediately joked about not wanting to wear the crown as he would instead prefer to wear his Captain hat instead.

As soon as TBoss transferred the royal ornaments to him, he went to stash them away and return to his House chore, doing the dishes.

He also used the opportunity as new Head of House to tease TBoss, by commanding her to come finish off the dishes he was doing.

TBoss rejected his command and he threatened to get Big Brother to summon her to the Diary Room for insubordination, amidst laughter from the both of them.

She took the opportunity to remind him that he was the one who had delegated the chores the day before, so she had kept with his directives; and as such, he needed to finish the chore he had allocated to himself.

This makes it the fourth time Efe will be crowned the head of house in this #BBNaija season.

This perhaps truly makes ‘Captain Nipples’ as he is fondly called, the Ultimate Head of House.

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