#BBNaija Day 74: Housemates Make Last Ditch Campaign Efforts

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In a last ditch campaign for votes, the #BBNaija housemates made a series of tearful pleas to accounts of personal growth and strife to convince voters.

With only a few days left till the end of the show, Big Brother had banned all campaigning for the rest of the week.

Biggie however added another twist as he told all the Housemates to put on their finest clothes and get ready to go to the Arena for their last presentation.

They all had 40 minutes to put on their make up, suits and evening gowns before heading out and they all looked visibly nervous as they tried to put together the perfect speech from the heart to sway the viewers votes in their favour.

TBoss was first on the podium and she said “I came into this House a princess and now I stand before you, a queen! I say this with humility. I am not a proud person.” She thanked everyone and told the viewers to keep voting her. She also said she didn’t know why viewers have saved her but said she believes it was because viewers saw her and realized there was more to her than her “tattoos and piercings.”

Efe started his discussion by saying “Who is Efe?” before launching into a passionate speech where he made it known that everyone who had overcome strife was no different from him. An impassioned speech where he suggested that everyone who’d overcome strife was no different from him. Soon enough his eyes filled with tears for a moment as he made it known how farther on he had gone than anyone else in his family, saying he stood out while pleading for the votes of the viewers.

Bisola kicked off her campaign by saying “Bisola means ‘Born into wealth’ but that hasn’t been the case”. She revealed that she often felt insecure and envious when people mentioned their experiences in the university as she never had the money to go to one. She also revealed that she made the decision to rely on the talents that she knew “could feed her” as a means of surviving depression. She also acknowledged that she had had altercation with a lot of people in the #BBNaija house but reminded everyone that she wasn’t perfect nor was she more intelligent, gifted or beautiful than anyone else. She thanked viewers for keeping her in the show and begged them to keep up the good will.

Marvis reminded everyone that she had been a fighter from the beginning and had been able to accomplish things that she believed was beyond her. She begged everyone to vote for her because she was a born winner. She thanked Big Brother for giving her the #BBNaija platform and reminded people that she’d kept it real all the way through. “I came here Marvis. I leave here Marvis” she said to wrap up her campaign.

Debie-Rise closed things off by revealing that she didn’t have her family’s blessing to come to the #BBNaija show. She said she stuck around as a way of being a model for anyone willing to follow chase their dreams at any cost. “Growing up I just wanted to be more. This passion that I have? I want to go home and say that it was worth it in the end!” She said. She also added that she was disciplined and well mannered, which she believed were qualities a winner should possess.

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