#BBNaija Day 72: Housemates Experience Another Extreme Task

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With the extreme task the #BBNaija housemates experienced on day 72, they may be skipping the morning workout of the following day.

The #BBNaija Housemates have so far being enjoying an easy week with no grueling Tasks in sight but Big Brother had a few twists in store for them.

Week 10 had been a tough one for the Housemates as it had the theme Extreme Survivor week which had a number of privileges taken away from them, including their shoes, jewellery and certain food items. Biggie also kicked them out of the House for almost a whole day.

The afternoon of day 72 a Biggie putting the #BBNaija housemates to pain once more in an extreme version of twister.

The task saw the Housemates twist and contort their bodies in funny ways. The atmosphere was however a funny one as Bisola particularly made jokes as everyone stretched and contorted.

Big brother first gave the #BBNaija Housemates a chance to reset but before long, things were hotting up as he called out moves that became harder and harder to execute.

TBoss was the first Housemate to give up after feeling the burn and lifting her arm for a little relief. Biggie asked her to leave the mat and find a seat.

As she walked to the side, Marvis was stretched out in what looked like a truly unbearable position and sure enough she was the next to go out, falling flat on her bum!

Efe was doing quite well but fell out of the game after mishearing the instructions and moving his right arm instead of the left one.

That left only Bisola and Debie-Rise left in the game. It seemed Debie-Rise was going to pull a win but she found herself pushed too far and trying to support all her body weight with just her arms.

She soon fell onto her face as Marvis laughed hysterically from the sidelines. Biggie then congratulated Bisola for winning the task and she took a graceful bow in appreciation!

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