#BBNaija Day 71: TBoss Reaches Out To Bisola For Advice

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It appears any form of animosity from the past week between the #BBNaija housemates has melted away and given birth to sheer joy.

The reality of making it to the final week seemed to set in on day 71, as everyone was all positive despite the anxiety about the big finale during their Diary Sessions.

Having suffered a panic attack a few days ago but feeling a lot better, TBoss decided to reach out to Bisola for a little guidance on how to handle anxiety.

Bisola didn’t hold back, and drew from her own experiences to help TBoss see the error of her ways. “You are beautiful and smart and it really annoys me when you put yourself down” Bisola said.

She went on further to warn TBoss to brace herself for the sea of haters that awaited her when she left the #BBNaija House. She told TBoss to focus on the positive and find her “drive” so she could lead a happy life.

The discussion also saw Bisola opening up about the struggles she had with her “baby daddy” and recounted how her friends told her there was no point staying in a relationship that wasn’t working because once her daughter grew up and left she’d be left with someone she didn’t want to be with.

She also went ahead to confess, saying “I’ve done stuffs on this show that my daughter should not see because I’m a role model to her”, before noting how she made out and “lay in bed” with ThinTallTony and Bally. She however added that, “I have no regrets. I have a lived in the Big Brother Naija House!”

By the time they were done chatting, TBoss was echoing Bisola’s sentiments and it appears the pep talk went a long way towards inspiring her to focus on all the love she’ll be getting once she leaves instead of the hate.

Marvis soon joined them and the three ladies even wrestled and giggled together out on the patio before heading in doors to play cards and later retired to bed.

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