#BBNaija Day 70: Housemates Have One Another’s Backs

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The #BBNaija Saturday Night party saw Efe taking one too many drinks and Bisola spent the morning of day 70 impersonating some of the things Efe did while intoxicated.

Bally, Bisola and Marvis all sat upstairs in the morning of day 70 and made fun of Efe for some of the things he got up to after the party last night.

Apparently, Efe had had one too many drinks during the party that saw three DJs – deejays Kentalky, Ssnatch and Consequence getting the Housemates dancing non-stop for about two hours.

Everything started when the #BBNaija came back into the House from the party room after the party.

Efe took his shirt off and started crying while sitting on the lounge floor. He proceeded to engage Bally in a conversation, just as Bally and Bisola tried their best to console him.

Bally then supported him with his arm and took him to the bathroom before finally taking him to bed.

Bally, Bisola and Marvis had a good laugh, narrating some of the things Efe said and did the previous night.

Efe went ahead to confess that he couldn’t remember anything from the previous night just as Bisola went ahead to impersonate him while making him and the others burst into laughter.

The ninth week had seen Bally also take one too many drinks during the party and Efe had helped to clean up after him, after he went and messed up around the #BBNaija House.

He also got to learn from the other Housemates the following day the things he said and did.

Marvis has also had one too many drinks during a party a few weeks ago and was seen being helped by Efe who brought her water to wash her face after she threw up in the garden.

With the acts of the #BBNaija housemates, it’s obvious that they have each others backs as some have been there for the other, helping one another through their weakest moments.

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