#BBNaija Day 69: Biggie Gets Bisola To Play An April Fools Prank On The Housemates

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Big Brother got Bisola to play an April Fools day prank on the rest of the #BBNaija Housemates and most of them fell for it.

Biggie couldn’t have picked a better ‘partner’ to carry out his April Fools prank on the Housemates than Bisola who put her acting skills to good use.

Marvis and Bally fell for the prank hook, line and sinker, just as Efe appeared a little disturbed.

TBoss and Debie-Rise on their part seemed unmoved with her antics. On the morning of day 69, Big Brother had asked the head of house, Bisola to make the other #BBNaija housemates believe that she has been disqualified.

Bisola was summoned into the Diary Room where she told Biggie her plan to convince the rest of the Housemates that she had contravened the House rules which had resulted in Biggie’s decision to disqualify her.

She made it known to Biggie that her plan was to start crying hysterically the minute she walks back into the House and that was exactly what she did.

Marvis was first to notice Bisola crying and she immediately started asking her what Biggie had said to her in the Diary Room.

Being the good actress she is, Bisola continued crying and mumbling that she had to leave the #BBNaija House, something which Bally, Efe and Marvis couldn’t quite understand and kept asking her to explain more.

Bisola took things a notch higher by kneeling on the floor and crying hysterically.

Bally and Marvis were soon convinced it was real and they followed her around the House, as she continued crying.

Big Brother soon called all the #BBNaija Housemates into the lounge. He initially played along, telling them that Bisola was guilty of infringement, before finally telling them all it was actually an April Fools prank!

Marvis felt so relieved, that she jumped on top of Bisola, hugging her and laughing, while TBoss was heard saying, “I knew it!” The #BBNaija Housemates had a good laugh and it wasn’t long before they got back to their cooking, in preparation for the activities of the day.

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