#BBNaija Day 69: Biggie Gives The Housemates The Biggest Surprise Yet!

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It was a bitter sweet moment for the #BBNaija housemates, as they had members of their families visit them on the afternoon of day 69.

The Housemates had spent hours waiting for their special guests to arrive and have a taste of the meals they prepared.

As soon as they were done preparing their meals according to Big Brother’s instructions, the #BBNaija housemates all sat around the kitchen table playing cards while waiting for Biggie to tell them it was meal presentation time.

Little did they know that the Task formed part of Biggie’s biggest surprise yet, as members of their families were the special guests!

The moment was a bitter sweet one as Biggie had the Housemates on freeze mode when the guests came in one by one and told them messages from their families, while also tasting the food they had prepared.

Almost all the #BBNaija Housemates cried and laughed at the same time upon seeing their relatives and hearing the messages.

The Housemates have had visits from various musicians and influential people but never could they imagine getting a visit from members of their families.

Bally and Marvis tried their best to hold back tears while the rest of the Housemates could not hold back tears as they let out their emotions.

Efe that has kept his cool all along could not also hold back as he shed a few tears.

The guests stayed for a short while, before taking their leave from the #BBNaija house.

The Housemates were then told to unfreeze and some briefly cried openly before Biggie spoke to them, telling them they had won their Wager and had a reward for them in the Store Room.

They all rushed to the Store Room and were more than happy to find their reward, before settling down in the lounge, to discuss each and everyone’s reaction and laughing at the reaction of some of the Housemates, Efe’s particularly.

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