#BBNaija Day 68: Housemates Attempt To Squash Their Beefs

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The Extreme Survivor week has seen the #BBNaija Housemates bring a lot of drama as they’ve tried to tolerate one another despite the odds.

After Biggie had announced to them that they could conspire, a wave of gossip has swept through the #BBNaija house with shots being taken back and forth.

At the beginning, it seemed it was all about strategy and Nominations but soon enough, the Housemates from both camps started decampaigning one another with Efe being called a hypocrite, Bally and Bisola – bullies, Debie-Rise – insecure, TBoss – manipulative and Marvis – deceptive.

Things however took a different turn the minute Big Brother kicked the #BBNaija housemates out of the House and were forced to sit together in the yard.

This allowed the Housemates bond, laugh and joke together once again, a departure from the exchange of venomous words all week.

Even TBoss and Bisola that have almost always been at each others necks were soon ‘humping’ one another on the patio.

Bally and a number of the #BBNaija housemates acknowledged a turn around in the icy relations in the House during their Dairy Sessions before saying his relationship with Debie-Rise was one of those that had been strained by the beef.

Bally had reached out to her earlier and had had a chat about her music career and how she’d like to study guitar and truly master the instrument.

Though the conversation wasn’t an emotional one, it was nonetheless significant, given the fact that they barely spoke with each other before then.

TBoss had a “meltdown” earlier in the day when she said she was worried about the fact that it seemed people wanted to have nothing to do with her after she leaves the show.

Bisola immediately made her feel good by saying “Don’t you even dare!”, before proceeding to sit down and have a woman to woman chat. “Mama, you’re going into the real world now. People want to do business with you!”, she told her.

“The unknown is a crazy thing. Don’t let fear box you in and suffocate you. Say to yourself, I am TBoss. I will overcome! Fear will make you miss out on the best and most amazing experiences of your life!” Bisola said as TBoss sat and listened, quietly.

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