#BBNaija Day 68: Extreme Game Time!

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With the #BBNaija housemates passing through the fifth day of their Extreme Survivor week, the Tasks seem to be getting to the Housemates, who are feeling a little weary.

Big Brother has sought to bring the survival instincts of the #BBNaija housemates to the forest with the various Tasks of the week which has seen them transfer rice with chopsticks.

The week has also seen Big Brother confiscate the personal effects of the Housemates which included shoes and mattresses.

The #BBNaija Housemates have also munched on lemons and live worms and performed energy sapping Tasks that included them dragging boulders across the Arena.

They even got kicked out of the #BBNaija house on day 67 and they were only allowed back in late in the night.

With all the things the Housemates have experienced this week, it is not surprising that the Tasks and activities have gotten to them and they feel a little defeated and weary.

Perhaps in a bid to lift their spirits, Big Brother decided to give the #BBNaija housemates an assortment of game apparatus which included ping pong balls, balloons and hula hoops before tasking them with creating their very own gaming tournament.

Biggie informed the Housemates that he expected 100% commitment to the Task and warned the Housemates that even more luxuries would be taken away if they weren’t invested in creating novel and exciting games.

The #BBNaija Housemates soon bounced a couple of ideas around as they got busy stacking bricks or snipping away at paper and duct tape.

None of the Housemates could however handle the hula-hoop and Bisola joked that she was to blame for her daughter not being able to do it either, long after she’d bought her one.

They all agreed to have everyone throw the hoops across the yard so they landed around a stump.

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