Apps Every Modern Man Should Have On His Phone

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Our phones come with a number of pre-installed apps including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what apps does the modern man need on his phone? There’s a high chance you’ve mastered all the social media apps mentioned above and we respect that but when you need apps that helps to transform your downloads and your daily life, where do you turn to?
Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of useful apps for the upwarsly mobile modern man, especially those in business that can help to make your daily life less stressful.

With the world gradually moving to cloud storage, the Box app sets itself apart from its competitors with its intuitiveness and an incredible 10GB of storage on its free plan. This is much more than you’d get from its closest rivals iCloud that offers 50 percent less and Dropbox that offers almost 80 percent less. Box is available on iOS and Android devices.

If you loved the snake game on Nokia phones of old, you’d definitely love the Aa as it is the “Snake” of the smartphone era. The app is simply designed but can be a good time-killer that can help to put the much needed quick reflexes of the modern man to test.

Hours is a visual platform app that has beautiful designs and is specifically made for the modern man to keep track of upcoming tasks and make the action less tedious. The app is available only on iOS and also helps you to manage multiple timelines separately and prevent you from mixing up any important information.

TL;DR E-Mail
If you’re the type that your job requires you to go through hundreds of emails daily, don’t worry as there’s an app to make your job easier. TL;DR stands for ‘Too Long Didn’t Read’ and the app only allows for a 30 word message. This makes sifting through e-mails easy as it is now akin to scrolling through news feeds. The app is available on android and iOS devices and you’d be happy with its features.

Wire helps to bring all the texting on your phone to one place. The app integrates everything from YouTube videos to SoundCloud music all into one messaging interface sans links and helps you to seamlessly distribute your multi-modal compositions around the world for free. It is available on iOS and Android.

Emojimo Keyboard
Emojimo provides help to tired thumbs and mental stress of swiping your phone to find the perfect emoji. This app is incredibly helpful for the modern man as all you need to do is to type your message and your words instantly become an emoji. It is available on iOS devices.

If you’re a frequent traveller and you enjoy Last-minute packing, there’s no need to fret as there’s finally an app that helps you to generate a list of everything you need to put in your luggage just before stepping out of your house. The PackPoint app is available on android and iOS and it presents a series of questions for you to answer that would relate to different activities and the climate of the area you’re visiting.

Available on iOS only, CitizenMe is an app that helps you to manage your digital footprint by keeping track of your social media identities and data sharing relationships in such a way everything that contains your information on the Web is obtained consensually.

Acorns helps to analyse your daily spending and transactions by synchronising your debit and credit cards and collecting any spare change for investment in a “diversified portfolio”. Downloading it on your Android or iOS devices can make you become a good investment man.

Funny or Die Weather
This app provides daily reminders of hilarious jokes and weather facts that will make you smile and feel better about that forecast ,especially when the weather is not friendly.



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