6 Reasons You Have An Itchy Crotch

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There are numerous reasons why you may have an itchy crotch but scratching only makes the situation worse. To help reduce the pain and soothe your sensitive skin, it is important you know what’s responsible for the itching. Itching can be caused by something as simple as heat to something more serious like infections.

Here are a number of things that can cause itching in your crotch area and what you can do to stop the scratching immediately.

In some cases,itching is the first symptom of this sexually transmitted infection (STI), which is caused by the herpes virus. It is characterised by an itch that becomes burning and turns into a blister or cluster of blisters within 2 hours of the first itch. This can then lead to painful sores which may keep cropping back up. It is important you see your doctor as soon as possible to get diagnosed. He or she will diagnose you, either by simply looking at the appearance of your blisters or by performing a blood test or culture of the lesion. There’s presently no cure for herpes, but your doctor may prescribe antiviral drugs which can help to shorten the outbreak or prevent one from occurring, while also reducing the chances of passing on the virus to your partner.

Genital Warts
Genital warts are a common symptom of the STI, human papillomavirus (HPV) and are usually soft to the touch, with some looking like a cauliflower. It may come singly or in clusters and asides the itching, they don’t have much symptoms. Once again, it’s best to see your doctor who will most likely prescribe drugs that will stimulate your body’s immune system to clear up the warts. The warts can be eliminated but same can’t be said about the virus. This means there’s a chance you may have more warts which you may spread to others, even if you present don’t have a visible wart.

Fungal Infections 
If you have a fungal infection, you most probably would develop a rash along with the itching. The appearance of the rash wouldn’t out times vary according to the type of fungus responsible for the itching. Yeast infections will most times cause a moist, shiny areas on your penis skin, accompanied by white stuff in the skin folds, showing up on the sides of your groin, between your genitals and thighs due to moisture present there. Other fungal infections however appear differently, looking dry, flaky and cropping up on your thighs. Antifungal creams will usually help and they work by attacking the fungal cells that cause the infection, while leaving your healthy skin cells unscathed.

This occurs when your skin rubs together, especially around your thighs and usually develops when you’re doing an activity that involves a lot of friction, like running. The rubbing can cause inflammation and cracks on the outer layers of your skin, resulting in irritated rash that burns and itches. Moisturising creams will help to repair your skin and soothe the irritation. How to treat it: Your goal is to protect your irritated skin and prevent any additional rubbing. A moisturizer like Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream will help repair the skin and Healing Ointments, which helps hydrate and moisturise your skin.

This occurs in areas you have where there is a lot of moisture and sweating, such as the groin and will show up asa raw, red rash that itches and stings. The moisture present in such areas can cause an overgrowth of bacteria and fungus which can result in uncontrollable itching. Antibacterial creams such as Neosporin and antifungal creams, like Lotrimin, can be used to destroy the bacteria and fungus and smooth over the irritation.

Pubic lice
This is usually characterised by intense itching, irritation, and tiny specks in your pubic hair, due to the presence of the pubic lice parasite. It may also be accompanied by tiny white or yellowish specks near the roots of your pubic hair which is as a result of the eggs of the lice present there. The lice are grayish-white in colour and can be spotted crawling around the pubic region. It is best to see a doctor to help confirm if you have the lice or not. It can usually be treated with a lotion containing permethrin or pyrethrins with piperonyl butoxide, which will kill the lice.



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