5 Unbelievable Foods That Provide Unlimited Energy

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There are a number of foods that a lot of people have no idea provide unlimited energy than the well packaged junk foods that promise an instant burst of energy. As a matter of fact, the best type of foods when it comes energy are naturally high in nutrients like iron, protein, and essential fatty acids. If you’re looking for foods that are rich sources of energy, here are a number of highly charged foods and tasty ways in which you can eat them up.

Sardines are a top source of iron, which is crucial in transporting oxygen around your body which helps to feed your muscles and keep them moving. Research has shown that people with low levels of iron that are not low enough to be rated as anaemia tend to have less energy and endurance than those with normal levels. Sardines solve this problem and there are a variety of ways you can add them to your diet. You can Chop them and mix with cooked pasta or rice. In the alternative, you can choose to eat beef, shellfish, spinach, and pumpkin seeds which also contain similar levels of iron.

Water Melon
Water Melon is made up of 93 percent water and a lot of people fail to realise that foods that are rich in water can contribute up to 20 percent of their daily fluid requirements. Recent researches have linked Mild dehydration with fatigue, an indication that water is needed to sustain almost all your body’s functions. Eating a portion of water Melon can be as hydrating as taking a glass of water, added with the fact that it is also a rich source of vitamins A, B6, and C, which all have energizing properties.

Nuts provide incredible energy and a serving of almonds can provide up to 30 percent of your daily magnesium needs, which is an impressive figure considering much of the world’s population hardly get enough of this trace mineral. Low levels of magnesium can make you feel weak mostly because your body uses it to generate Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the molecule that transports energy between cells. Almonds are also a rich source of B vitamins like folate and riboflavin, that helps to which helps to convert calories into the fuel your body needs.

When it comes to vitamin C, the first fruit that comes to mind is orange. Strawberries are however a superior source of vitamin C. According to a study published in the journal Nutrition, Foods with vitamin C help the body to absorb more fatigue-fighting iron. A cup of strawberries will provide 89 milligrams of vitamin C, which is much more than the daily requirement of 75 milligrams.

Raisins are those little sweet things added to bread and snacks an popping them now and again can provide you with a quick burst of energy. A lot of athletes love raisins because they provide them with quick carbohydrates and electrolytes and research has shown that they are as effective at keeping a runners’ stamina up as were carbohydrate-based snacks designed for endurance.
You can jump start your mornings by adding raisins, paired with nuts, to your cereal or yogurt. Pairing them with nuts will ensure that you have fat, protein, and fibre from the latter, which can keep you going for hours, while the former provides you with carbohydrates for the short term.



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