5 Reasons Women Cheat And How To Stop It Happening

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Cheating has long been ascribed to the male gender because a lot of people think that men have an inability to control their hormones, coupled with the innate conquering nature. This however doesn’t seem to be true as it seems that as much as there are a lot of men willing to cheat, there are women willing to entertain their cheating ways.

According to sexuality researcher Dr Kristen Mark, as much as 19 percent of any given female population cheat on their partners. The baffling thing however is that women cheat for different reasons which may range from the simple to the bizarre. If you can feel your relationship faltering, here are some reasons your woman may just decide to cheat and have fun with another man.

Financial Problems
If you’re the breadwinner and you all but provide for all the needs of the house, putting a limit on the spending of your partner can cause her to cheat. Exerting too much financial control, especially when you do it like a jerk, can breed resentment which can make your partner want to seek revenge. The best way to avoid this is to avoid pointing fingers and wanting to be in total control. You should instead seek to share the financial responsibilities by making use of an app such as mint, that notifies you of your spending limits. That way. You and your partner can be accountable as to the money going in and out of your account.

She Wants More Out Of Relationships
Crazy sex might not be all its cracked up to be but some women cheat because they want more in life. Some women have a much healthier sex appetite than their partners and if they don’t get satisfied, they just may look outside. When sexual expectations don’t match, it mostly leads to trouble. Well, for starters, that you wouldn’t cheat on him. But when sexual expectations don’t match, it can quickly lead to trouble because your partner will most likely feel undesired or unattractive, especially as they become older. Sex is a good way to fix it but appreciating her for who she is and not who you want her to be can help. Listen to her more and help validate who she really is.

She’s Growing Older
The moment a woman begins to feel she’s growing older and she no longer looks as beautiful as she was, she may want to seek validation for herself by cheating. A 2014 study concluded that as humans, we tend to attach particular significance to “nine-ender” years and when we are a year away from reaching a milestone, we become more aware of the passage of time and youth. This may make us do stupid things because we think time is running out. You can help prevent this from happening by having a talk with her that help her reflect on what she has achieved over time. Surprise her with a trip or party where you both can share your goals and reflect on the things you have achieved, while aspiring for a better life.

She Wants A Prince
While she probably knows that perfect men don’t exist, she’s drawn to a sensitive man who sends her sweet texts at work, writes her poems and buys her gift so much so that she’s second guessing her relationship. Expecting a perfect partner will only set you up for long-term disappointment. The feeling that a man out there can fill the voids in her life is one reason she may want to cheat on you.
The fact is you can’t be everything she wants and there’s a need for both you and her to be cool with it. Nonetheless ,there’s a need to strive to be better than you are. Offer to do chores and some of the things she expects and you’d both be able to reach a compromise that will be mutually satisfying.

She Wants To Be A Bad Girl
When women get bored with their relationship, they sometimes want to spark things up by being with rough guys they would normally avoid. You might wonder why smart and intelligent women will jump in bed with men that are below them but the truth is scientists ascribe the phenomenon as the “ovulatory shift hypothesis” or a time when women are at peak fertility and their ovaries are primed to do dirty things.
This may cause a rational woman to find herself attracted to men she’d normally be terrified of. This may just be her survival instincts kicking in and has nothing to do with how she feels about the man in question. Masculine genes increase the chances that kids will have a sturdy constitution to survive and her impulse to stray may even be stronger if you don’t have much of an attractive face. The thing to do if you find yourself in this situation is to appeal to her brain by demonstrating how educated, self-reliant, committed and successful you are. Share experiences that show your strengths with her and she may think twice about cheating.



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