5 Important Questions You Must Answer To Get The Best Suits

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Buying a suit can seem a very simple task but it isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if you’re on the lookout for the best that suits your style and look. While bespoke tailors will ensure you get a tailor-made suit, not everyone can afford such expense and it is thus essential to have some tips handy when going to a clothing store.
Here’s a simple guide every man can follow, which can ensure that you end up with a suit you will love wearing, instead of one that makes you uncomfortable.

For What Purpose Are You Getting The Suit?
The purpose of buying the suit is usually an important one as buying a suit meant to be worn to the office from Monday to Friday for a wedding will totally be out of place. More so, if you’re planning to wear the suit all year round or for specific times of the year can make you make a good choice.
You should also be sure as to whether you want to wear the pieces separately, or match the blazer with a different pair of trousers. Answering all these questions can help you understand the purpose of the suit and turn your focus to the exact thing you’re looking for.

How Much Is Your Budget?
Working with a tight budget won’t do you much good as you won’t find something good enough for an extremely low price. As such, it is important for you to know how much you’re willing to spend. Certain actors such as the fit, material, style and craftsmanship affects the price tag. More so, it is worth investing in quality, instead of settling for something that you would rather not wear a couple of months later.

What Colour Of Suit Is Most Suitable For Me?
Your choice of colour and hue should be dependent on the purpose or occasion you’re getting the suit for. If you want a staple office wear, versatile grey is the way to go. Wearing formal black may make you come off like you’re attending a funeral. Tan is best as a casual wear, while navy blue is a signature masculine colour that can blend in well with a variety of settings, making it the ideal all-rounder.

Bespoke Or Clothing Lines?
Your budget is something that will most probably influence this. If you can’t afford bespoke, it’s best you find a good tailor to help you improve the fit. Paying more for a bespoke suit can however make you control every single detail involved in the suit, from the buttons to the notch style to the type of fabric — as well as the perfect fit.

How Best Can You Accessorise Your Suit?
Your Accessories will range from watches, belts, ties and good quality leather shoes. You should however remember that people that come across you won’t miss the finer and smaller details such as the cufflinks, tie bars and even a flashy pair of socks. As such, you should pay attention to the details that can help make you look more stylish in your suit. Pocket squares can also help add a splash of personality to your new suit.



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