4 Things That Can Make You Avoid Having Smelly And Stinky Feet

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A common problem men face is smelly and stinky feet and it can be attributed to a number of causes, ranging from poor hygiene to the type of shoes worn. Irrespective of the factors responsible for your smelly feet, you can nip the problem in the bud by avoiding certain things and following a number of things.

More so, the causes and solutions to these problems are simpler than you can imagine. Here are some factors responsible and what to do to avoid the shame of having people cover their noses when you take off your shoes.

Sweating And The Socks Solution
A major cause of smelly feet is sweat and moisture which alongside the heat of an enclosed shoe can cause the multiplication of bacteria to a level where they break down the dead skin cells hanging around on your feet. The process is usually what generated the stinky smell that emanates from your feet. The solution to this is simple and simply involves getting a pair of socks. Cotton and wool socks that wicks away sweat from your feet are most suitable because they are breathable materials. Socks made from synthetic materials such as nylon tend to trap moisture and worsen the odour. If need be you can carry a spare pair of socks along wit you for a quick change, especially if you’re going to be having a long, stressful and sweaty day at work.

Poor Hygiene And The Salt Water Trick
Your feet, just like other parts of your body need a good wash every day. Trim your nails, have your bath twice daily with an anti-bacterial soap, and thoroughly dry your feet before you pop your socks on. Doing this will get rid of all the dead skin cells the bacteria are feeding on. The quickest home remedy for this situation is to use salt water to clean your feet. It draws moisture out of the skin. Vinegar can also be used as it starves the bacteria, while used tea bags closes the pores to reduce the amount you can perspire. Methylated spirits disinfect the skin and dry it out, too. It is also important to remember to go barefoot at home as a way of giving your feet a chance to breathe.

Repeating Your Shoes And The Gains Of Disinfecting
Wearing the same pair day after day after day keeps your shoes warm and moist, providing a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. That unfortunately is not good for your feet as it will become smelly at the end of each day. The solution to this is to rotate your footwear. This provided each pair a chance to cool down and dry out before you put them through another day of wear and sweating. If you can’t rotate your shoes everyday, you can use disinfectant sprays and powders to help sanitize your smelly footwear and keen he whiff away.

Foot Infection And Antifungal Treatments
If you go around barefoot to the bathroom (especially a shared one), there’s a chance that you may pick up some of the fungus lurking on the floor, which is another cause of the dreaded foot stink. Anti-fungal treatments will usually do the magic when applied correctly. Avoid putting the cream in between your toes as a build up of moisture is the best friend of bacteria. Use powder between your toes and save the cream for the bottom of your feet.



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