360Man: 6 Grooming Devices Every Man Should Have

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Manscaping and proper grooming is finally getting the attention it deserves as more and more men are seeing the goodies and attraction attached to it. Proper grooming can be achieved with ease when you know the right things to do and a first step to achieving this is employing the right grooming devices to get a cleanly shaved skin.

One of each of the grooming devices mentioned below will ensure you leave home looking the part that will get the right attention from women.

Fingernail Clippers
Grimy and dirty fingernails usually point to how nonchalant you are about your hygiene. The first thing admirers notice are the little things, of which fingernails fall into the category of the tiny details. Having a fingernail clipper handy will help you score good grooming points in the hygiene department.

A Good Quality Razor
This perhaps is the very first device you need and for obvious reasons too. A good razor may come as shaving sticks and they are usually the key to a clean shave. The cheap and regular disposable shaving sticks may not give the perfect shave and you may want to consider investing in a quality device for a smooth one-pass shave that won’t leave you nursing razor burn.
It is also important that you preserve the life of the razor you have by softening your stubble before shaving, rinsing the blade thoroughly, and drying it before putting it away.

Tweezers are very much underestimated but they are an essential tool to be employed in reinforcing separation between your big and bushy eyebrows.

Nose And Ear Trimmer
Nose hair belong in the nostrils and actually serve good purpose that includes keeping dust particles out of the nose. I you however have the hair growing out of your nasal follicles wandering out of their holes no becoming noticeable to people stating at you, it’s time to get tweezers to prevent you from looking like a poorly groomed grandpa. The hair strands are usually too painful to be pulled out with your hands and investing with tweezers will take of this and the stray ear hairs also.

Hair Shaving Brush
The hair Shaving Brush is a device you can employ to smoothen out your beards and moustache. Synthetic bristles are more affordable, but a genuine hair brush helps to lather the cream applied to your hair more quickly, retains more heat and water, and is softer against your face. This helps you have a smoother and more comfortable shave.

Beard Trimmer
If you have a well sculpted beard, it is essential you have a good beard trimmer which can help you style and cultivate your stubble appropriately in such a way that you can also round off the growth of hair beneath your jaw.

Electric Toothbrush
Electric brushes are better than manual ones in that they do a better job at brushing your teeth, removing plaques that builds up along the gums and those that hides between your teeth and fuels stinking breath. Electric brushes can help you avoid having a chronic case of halitosis, even as you floss regularly.



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