Whyte Fires Back At Bellew

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Dillian Whyte has called Tony Bellew a fake heavyweight and says he only needs six rounds to knock him out.

Bellew is contemplating remaining in the heavyweight class after beating David Haye at The O2.

Bellew dismissed a fight with Whyte, who believes he is a bigger name than any other heavyweight the Merseysider might want to face.

“I’m one of the highest ranked heavyweights across the board, outside the champions,” Whyte exclusively told Sky Sports.

“Tony Bellew says ‘I wouldn’t fight you, because you picked David Haye to knock me out in six rounds’. I’m like dude, even your sponsor on your shorts picked David Haye to knock you out. That’s why you were 16-1 or something silly like that. Stop talking rubbish and let’s fight.

“If you want to prove yourself as a true heavyweight then fight me.

“Me versus Bellew will make more money than any other fight he can get at the minute. Trust me, that’s a fact. I’m a bigger name here than Joseph Parker or Deontay Wilder.”

“Bellew struggled to knock out a one-legged man. He didn’t even knock him out properly.

“If he is struggling to knock out a one-legged man, how is he going to knockout a true heavyweight who always shows up to fight? It’s impossible.”

“He’s a fake heavyweight and he should go back to cruiserweight,” said Whyte. “If he wants to stay at heavyweight, he needs to prove to me and the world that he’s a natural heavyweight.

“I would knock Tony Bellew out in the first six rounds.”



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