Wenger Will Attack Against Manchester City

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Arsene Wenger has admitted Arsenal’s poor form is a source of concern, but will still attack when they play Manchester City.

Six of Arsenal’s last nine matches have ended in losses, sending them to sixth on the league table and a humiliating 10-2 aggregate loss to Bayern, sent them packing from the champions league.

Their dip in form has seen fans asking the Frenchman to quit the club. He stated this week that a decision about his future has been made, but is yet to make it public.

He could however extend his 21-year run as manager and he believes they can only keep doing what they’ve been doing since, which is attacking.

“We have 11 games to go in the Premier League and now you cannot change completely the structure of the team,” the 67-year-old told Sky Sports .

“The same players have won games and the same players have lost games. I have tried many changes in the last five or six games and it does not always come off.

“I have to come back to the strength of the team as much as I can. That is basically our attacking potential and we also have to focus on our togetherness and our desire to prepare our future.

“No matter how you play you have to be efficient with the way you play. I don’t think it’s the way you play it’s how well you play the way you play.”



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