Wenger: I’m Committed And Focused On Arsenal

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Even though Arsene Wenger says he has made a decision about his future, he doesn’t look keen on revealing it yet.

However, the Frenchman insists he is committed to focus on Arsenal and is doing everything to bring them out of their bad patch.

Arsenal have only won three times since January, losing twice to Bayern, Chelsea , Watford, before their 3-1 loss to West Brom sent them to sixth and 19 points behind Chelsea.

“My news is that I have no news for you and that no matter how long I stay I will be committed and completely focused,” he said beIN Sports.

“How long I stay doesn’t really matter because as long as I’m there I’m completely focused on what to achieve with the club. We’re going through a difficult period in results, so I think it’s much more important to focus and get it right again.

“We suffer a lot at the moment but when you take a bit of distance and put things into perspective; we have two games in hand, we’re in a semi-final of the FA Cup, so our season will be decided by how well we respond to the difficult period.”

“My job is to make 100% of people happy and I think if you look at where the club was when I arrived and where it is today, I’m quite proud of what I did for the club,” he added.

“Today, we live in a period where people are very demanding and I can understand that, but I know as well that I’ve guided this club through very difficult periods where there were very little resources and I always managed to get the best out of the team and that’s what I’ll do as long as I’m at Arsenal.

“You can basically say that if you don’t win the Premier League then it’s not a successful season, and I can understand that but you have clubs like Liverpool who have never won the Premier League who are a big club; Manchester City, Man Utd… this year it will be won by Chelsea.

“No matter how many there are, each year only one team wins it. Of course it will be a disappointment not to win the championship, but you have to go as far and do as well as you can.

“We have to fight to finish as high as we can and then let other people judge. My job is not to judge, it is to produce and let other people judge.”



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