Phone Review : TECNO Camon CX

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Okay so it’s been about a week since I got my TECNO Camon CX and as i promised in my unboxing post, It’s time for a full review.

If you haven’t seen the unboxing post, you can check it out here

Now, time to review the TECNO Camon CX.

The Camon CX or Camon C10, however you’ll like to call it is the latest and the best member so far of the Camon family from TECNO mobile. First of all, if you’re a regular on any social media platform, you would’ve seen people waxing lyrically about this device. I promise you, they are absolutely right to. Before I delve deeper, let me shoot down the rumors we all heard a while back about the phone having about 4 cameras (It doesn’t) and 2 front facing cameras with individual flashes (it doesn’t either). However, the device does have the dual flash right in front, so that part wasn’t a hoax and honestly it’s one of the best things about the CX.

With a Camon CX, there’s no such thing as low light for your selfies. Even in the darkest of rooms, selfies taken with a CX would still look as bright as ever, add that to the 16MP capabilities of the front facing camera and what you get is amazing selfies.

Now let’s jump to the specs, cos that’s important right?

The TECNO Camon CX comes with

  • 5.5-inch FHD IPS Touch Display
  • 1.5GHz octa-core
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat) with HiOS
  • 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage with support for memory card up to 128GB
  • Dual 16MP Rear Camera with dualflash and 16MP Front Camera with ringflash
  • 4G LTE (up to 150Mbps)
  • Fingerprint Sensor (Rear)
  • 3200 mAh Battery with Fast Charging

That part of the review is for the geeks, now for the rest..


Let’s talk about the beautiful design on the CX. I personally think the design team at TECNO mobile did wonderfully well on this device, compare it to its predecessor the C9 and it’s almost like they were released 10 years apart.




For a 5.5 inch phone, this device fits perfectly in your palm and the smart cover which is included in the pack look perfect.

On the Battery life, which is very important for us Nigerians, the CX battery is very solid. For context, i played Drake’s entire 22-track More Life album while i was actively on twitter and by the time I was done, the phone only moved from 100% to 96%.

Also, unlike the C9 there are no physical buttons on the phone just the on screen buttons. With it’s 2GB RAM, the CX isn’t the most powerful TECNO device but its 16MP front camera with dual flash and it’s 16MP rear camera with Quad flash makes up for it. The picture quality on this phone is immaculate.


Taken with a CamonCX in a speeding car

The Camon CX will retail at between 65,000 to 80,000 and for that price it’s one of the best devices in the market and worth every penny.






  1. Thanks for the review… i’m so particular on the battery life on heavy usage after full charge. Also please Glo 4G lte band is B28, and tecno stated that d device supports B28A… i would like u to confirm if the device can work with Glo 4G

  2. Perfect device. I like the fact that it can work with all the 4G brands in Nigeria at the moment and battery usage is fair too. And you just have to give it to the camera.

  3. This review shows that the phone will be a good buy. Without even breaking the bank. Camera is perfect, battery life is okay and it runs on the latest Android version.

  4. Really impressed with the design of this phone and most importantly I now have different color choices to pick from.

    1. The design made the phone a proper eye candy, I love the colours, I personally like the rose Gold, the one that is Pink, I love it.

  5. the specs of the phone are OK, but the battery life does not last long on heavy usage (3200mAh). But all other features are superb

  6. Nice Review. I can only imagine the battery life been superb tho, imagine listening to the entire More Life and then being on Twitter and enjoyment no still kill am?

  7. The phone is just too beautiful, there’s really none better than CX especially at the price which it’s available for.

  8. What a phone!!!!! This is really good, the phone ticks a whole lot of boxes for me, it’s definitely a must have and it’s about 68k, win-win.

      1. I want to believe the term small is relative.. what’s your definition for “Small (in dimensions)”

  9. Without a doubt this is clearly one of the best device out there for the price. Tecno got so much right on this one.

  10. The Camon Cx has been my daily driver for the best part of one month. Overall​ the phone is excellent especially the camera. Best camera I’ve on a Tecno phone.

  11. Phone system not good. I got mine two months ago, the screen doesn’t work on some parts, it gets unnecessarily hurt. I can’t do anything with the phone. I’m just so disappointed and regret ever buying it. What I’m using now is an old phone I had long abandoned. Tsuippp, all that glitters is not gold

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