Nainggolan: I’d Have To Start Again In PL

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Radja Nainggolan’s reluctance to join the Premier League is down to the fact that he’ll have to rebuild his Serie A reputation in England.

The Roma midfielder was heavily sought after by Chelsea at the beginning of the season and the interest in the Belgian is not dead yet.

The 28-year-old Nainggolan has spent all his club career in Italy and has four years in the first team at Roma and doesn’t look ready to give it up for a move to England.

“I’m happy in Rome, the weather is usually good and my family are fine here,” he told reporters.

“Sometimes you make choices for money, other times it’s for quality of life, which is important for me. Also if I went to England I’d have to start from scratch and I’m very happy at Roma.

“China? Not now, but you can never rule anything out. I’d have to see at the time.”

Nainggolan has been criticised before for being a known cigarette smoker, but he has no plans to stop yet, insisting he should be judged on his performances.

“I’ve never hidden before,” he added. “I know, I myself have children and I have to set an example, but it has always been important to me that people give their opinions about what someone is doing on the field, his job. I am footballer, that’s what I need to do and that’s what I love.

“I’m not hiding it. It is true, I cannot continue to ignore it. I am not ashamed of it.”



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