Mourinho: Managing Brazil Will Be Exciting

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Jose Mourinho has noted he would love to coach Brazil, a job he would find exciting, but will also want an easy job.

The Portuguese is heralded as one of the best in his position as a manager, having gone from Chelsea, to Inter, to Madrid and now United.

He has stated his desire to go into national management and has cited that he would love a job easier than the one he has at United.

“I think following Manchester United I need an easier job than Manchester United,” Mourinho told ESPN Brasil.

“Coaching the Brazilian team should be more difficult. Obviously it would be exciting. Any coach wants to work with the best clubs and with the best.

“The Brazilian team is obviously a leader of success, obviously with talent, no matter the generation, talent always appears.

“But I have to confess that it must be difficult. In every Brazilian there is a coach, in every journalist there is a better coach than the coach.

“I think it must be a difficult country to work for, but also a passionate one.”



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