Mings: I Was Expecting An Ibrahimovic Retaliation

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Tyrone Mings stood on Ibrahimovic’s head, but he insists it was not intentional and he was expecting Ibrahimovic to get him back for the incident.

The pair clashed throughout the match, and Mings was thrown to the ground by the striker and stepped on Ibrahimovic’s head after the challenge. The swede then elbowed the defender after rising up to meet a corner.

Despite the actions between both players, none were sent off the pitch, but Surman was sent for an early bath for pushing Ibrahimovic.

Mings maintains he had no intention of catching Ibrahimovic, but held no grudges against the “physical” attacker.

“No, [I didn’t mean to stand on his head] not at all,” he told Sky Sports. “I would never do that – that’s not in my game. Hard and fair is how i like to tackle. Off the ball, stuff like that is not in my game.

“He just said: ‘Well played, you’re a good player’ – no he didn’t! Look he is who he is – he’s a good player, he’s a physical player and that’s what we had all day. It was a battle. There was maybe an elbow, I didn’t see it, I felt it.

“I had a feeling [he would come after me] for the rest of the game. He’s a physical guy and it was a good test.”



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