Marchisio Says Iniesta Is The Barcelona Player He Admires The Most

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Marchisio has stated the Barcelona player he has the utmost respect for admires is Andres Iniesta.

The veteran midfielder has won a number of trophies with Barcelona, winning four UCL titles and three club world cups. With his national team, he has won a world cup and two European Championships.

The 32-year-old has not received much attention for his contribution, with Messi the overshadowing most of the players in the team.

However, Claudio Marchisio has praised the midfielder for what he brings to the team.

“The Barcelona player I admire the most is Iniesta, as he has infinite talent and intelligence,” the midfielder told JTV. “He brings so much both with his ideas and passing.”

Juventus will once again meet Barcelona, but this time in the quarterfinals, having lost to them in the final of the 2015 competition.

Marchisio, though, says his side are not looking for revenge for their crushed hopes.

“Even if the Champions League does come during a delicate time in the Serie A calendar, adrenaline gives you incredible physical and mental energy. You don’t need much to prepare for a game against Barcelona,” he added.

“It won’t be a chance for revenge after the 2015 Final, as that could only have been in another Final. Our objective is to reach the final in Cardiff and challenge for the cup.”



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