Lawyer Turned Publisher, Simi Esiri Launches SCHICK Magazine

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SCHICK Magazine is set to launch in  Nigeria and across Africa.

Curated for the smart, stylish and successful woman, SCHICK Magazine is designed to tell authentic African stories, through the lens of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

“I remember moving back to Nigeria in 2012 and realising the wide gap between creative talent, especially fashion designers and we, the customers. I knew then that we had to make a collective effort to close the gap and build our fashion industry further,” Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SCHICK Magazine, Simi Esiri explains. “I knew my experience, as well as my appreciation for luxury and affordability, could contribute significantly to bringing these two groups of people closer.”

The debut issue, themed ‘The Power Issue’ celebrates African women playing pivotal roles in shaping the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries across the continent. Page after page, the Spring edition, is an embodiment of all Africa has to offer and takes readers on a journey through fashion editorials, interviews with A-list celebrities and fashion designers, hot debates, beauty, travel and more.




After 19 years in Nollywood, starring in over 100 productions, as well as winning several prestigious awards, it comes as no surprise that Rita Dominic graces the debut cover. The beautiful, accomplished and celebrated star has played a significant part in the growth of the Nigerian film industry and has become one of Nigeria’s greatest style icons, making her the epitome of the SCHICK woman.

SCHICK Magazine is initially launching as a quarterly print and digital publication. In addition, the periodical will produce daily content on the digital front “The aim of the publication is to bring a fresh voice that appeals to anyone who has any sort of fashion, whether they are actively involved in the industry or not,” says Creative Director, Titi Adesanya. She adds, “Our purpose is to engage, inform and inspire people throughout the continent, in a way that’s relevant and palpable”

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