Klopp: I’m No Clown

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Jurgen klopp has an animated nature and is always smiling, but says it doesn’t make him a clown.

Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-3 the first time they met and followed that with a 6-1 win over Watford to top the league in November.

However, their recent 3-1 loss to Leicester is part of a a run of poor results, they’ve won only two of 12 matches this year.

“Look, I am not a clown even if few people think I am,” Klopp said.

“I am not always laughing like crazy. I am a normal person. We are all influenced by our experiences. So why should I be in the same mood as at the start of the season?

“My job is to make the players feel we have a big chance of winning our next game and that’s not done by laughing the whole weekend and ignoring the problems we have.

“The first impression from this season [August’s win over Arsenal at The Emirates] was spectacular. It was a wonderful game – some people may say that game was like the whole season in one game.

“We were really happy we could beat a really strong side like Arsenal in their home ground. The last few games we played against them have all been kind of spectacular.

“The home game here last year [a 3-3 draw] was intense and spectacular – maybe the next one will be similar – but we have only to think about how we can use the experience from the last game and the Tottenham game for this game.

“That is how our work is. We cannot ignore the problems that we have but I am 100 per cent optimistic about the Arsenal game on Saturday, but I cannot say I am in the same mood as I was at the start of the season.”



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