Haye Weighs In Heavier Than Bellew

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The weigh in of Haye and Bellew today has the londoner weighing in almost a weight heavier than his Liverpool opponent.

This is the last time the two will come face-to-face , before doing so in the ring at the O2 Arena and going at each other.

This is the first time Bellew is fighting as heavyweight, stepping up from cruiserweight and weighing in at 15st 3lbs 8oz.

“I thought he’d be lighter, I’m over the moon about his weight. He’s going to gas,” said Bellew. “I’m never going to look like that, he looks like an Adonis.

“I could have been heavier if I wanted to.

“He’ll get hit back, for the first time in six years, and he won’t be happy.”

Haye, a natural heavyweight, weighed in at 16st 9oz and is looking to deliver the punch power of a naturally bigger man.

“He’ll find out what it’s like to be hit by a heavyweight, it’s a whole different sport,” said Haye. “He’s unprepared, and he doesn’t know it.

“He’s eaten a bunch of pies to get up to heavyweight.

“I’m a whole size bigger than him. 16st ripped, with nine per cent body fat.”



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